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Sailboat Reviews

Moody DS41 sailboat

Sailboat Review: Moody DS 41

If your cruising frame of mind extends to a versatile deck-saloon design with surprising sailing chops, take a gander at the Moody DS41.

Dufour 37 sailboat

Sailboat Review: Dufour 37

The new Dufour has a decidedly contemporary package added to its traditional full-batten mainsail and timeless performance.

Tartan 365 sailboat

Sailboat Review: Tartan 365

During sea trials on Chesapeake Bay, the handsome, rugged, Tim Jackett-designed Tartan 365 shows the judges why its 2023’s Best Midsize Cruiser.

Voyage 590 catamaran

Sailboat Review: Voyage 590

The South African-built Voyage 590 was conceived and constructed for a specific purpose: to be an ideal Caribbean charter boat.