ePropulsion Launches X Series Electric Outboard Motor Line-Up

Conceived to deliver more than electric propulsion, the X Series touts an intelligent and integrated platform to facilitate a quieter, cleaner boating experience.
The X12 features 12kW power, the X20 generates 20kW of power and the X40 boasts a massive 40kW of power. Courtesy ePropulsion

ePropulsion has announced the launch of its X Series outboard engines. The X Series comprises three innovative electric outboard motors, the X12, X20 and X40, offering dependable electric propulsion with user-friendly features for eco-conscious cruisers. 

“With the new, incredible power that this line provides, we’re looking at a great opportunity to spread ePropulsion further in the market of electric propulsion in the United States,” said Tom Watson, President of ePropulsion USA. “Across the globe and here in North America, we’re looking forward to the X Series further propelling ePropulsion to a position of leadership as it sets the new standard for what electric propulsion is and can do.”

All motors in the new series offer a total powertrain efficiency of 88.2 percent. The X12 features 12kW power, the X20 generates 20kW of power and the X40, which made its debut at the 2023 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, boasts a massive 40kW of power. ePropulsion’s R&D team formulated a unique algorithm for the X Series’ propellers, refining over 20 key metrics to ensure optimal hydrodynamic performance. The new range incorporates frequency resonance isolation and vibration dampening technology, resulting in a quiet design that creates less vibration than comparable outboards.

Weighing up to 36 percent less than traditional motors, the X Series features a compact, fully integrated design. All motors in the series unify electric steering, power trim/tilt, the electric control unit (ECU) and the controller within a single assembly, simplifying installation and optimizing onboard space. 

The X Series features the ePropulsion Smart System Architecture (eSSA), which the company says will facilitate a seamless, worry-free experience for boaters. According to the manufacturer, the modular architecture of eSSA not only assures simple system configuration but also supports the integration of renewable energy systems for an enhanced, sustainable experience on the water. 

Engineered for intuitive and effortless operation, the X Series offers an accessible experience even for those new to boating. The digital helm and smart throttles provide instantaneous feedback, while the electric steering eliminates the need for cumbersome hydraulic components. This refined steering mechanism opens the door to Advanced Driving Assistance Systems that improve safety and redefine aquatic navigation. Cutting-edge driving assistance features like “Position Hold” and “Heading Hold” and “360 Motions” offer additional safety-focused options.

With a technologically advanced design, the X Series offers boaters a comfortable, responsive experience with its connectivity functions. The ePropulsion Connectivity Service is available for users of all motors within the X Series, so they can stay connected with their boat remotely, accessing real-time boat and system status with advanced monitoring, reporting and tracking.

Fully compliant with the latest IEC standards, the X40 is IP67 waterproof and built to yield a minimum service life of 5,000 hours. The motor is fully compatible with existing ePropulsion accessories including the Smart Throttle, Digital Helm, Smart Display, Propellers, G102-100 Battery, Battery Charger, Solar Charger Controller, MPPT and DC-DC.

“The inclusion of the X Series in our ever-expanding electric propulsion portfolio marks a significant step forward in electric propulsion systems,” said Danny Tao, Co-Founder and CEO of ePropulsion. “The X Series is the result of extensive R&D and we are always looking to go above and beyond the industry standards. With the advanced X Series, we deliver more than electric propulsion, it’s an intelligent and integrated platform accessible for consumers and OEM clients, ensuring a quieter, cleaner boating experience.”

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